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Saturday, September 28, 2013

I Got Banned At Psych Forums

What a bunch of pansy mods they have over there at Psych Forums. I was really enjoying the Antisocial forum and the Narcissist Form. Really cool people on those forums. Not as needy or pathetic as the rest. There was this one mod which will remain nameless. But I will say this, they should not allow overly sensitive Borderline females as mods! They are like always on PMS! Any way there was one and she did not like every other post I made no matter which forum it was on. That bitch gave me 2 warnings right of the fucking bat. Fucking bitch. Any way I do miss the folks over there on the ASPD and NPD forums. It you get over there tell them jkimbo says hello and to tell that fucking bitch mod she knows who she is to suck my fucking dick.