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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Snorting Wellbutrin any good?

I tried it. It's ok, but unlike other stimulants it does have a roof. You can only get so high. It's about the same as several monster energy drinks without the crash. However you can experience a breif rush. But the brief (seconds) rush of snorting it while you drink shots of vodka or whiskey is nice but never gets any better. Certainly NOT the ideal combo. But it does intensifies the alcohol. I've read a  lot about snorting it and also shooting it. Shooting it is really counter productive because you still do not get a higher rush or high but because of the built in wax in the pill which is not harmful if swallowed, can prevent healing and the results will be open gross wounds on your arms. Ingesting it in your nose is also not good for you but not as harmful as shooting it. Your better off swallowing it and drinking or just doing a few lines and drinking. Or you can mix it with real amphetamines to stretch out the good stuff. Over all not really very good. If your desperate, snort a few lines with some hard liquor and no more because you won't get any higher. It is nice to mix with benzos or opiates and real stimulants though.