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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Which Is Worse Social Anxiety Or General Anxiety?

Perhaps we can have a discussion on this later, but in my humble opinion I think social anxiety is worse. I have General Anxiety Disorder (GAD), and the main difference between that and Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) is mine can happen at any time for any reason and even no reason, but I can function normal in social situations. In other words socializing doesn't stress me out. Where as people who suffer with SAD, avoid any social situations and many never leave their home or only when they have to.

Both are treated the same with with either antidepressants or anxiety meds or a combo of both with therapy. The therapy helps people with SAD more then GAD because SAD is more of a way of thinking and can we can learn how to change the way we think. While people with GAD are usually much more functional and their anxiety is more uncontrollable. I don't mean to underplay the seriousness of ether disorder, people with SAD suffer just as much if not more then people with GAD! And many of them never get better or only slightly better, but there are more and more success stories coming from therapy for SAD. People with GAD can also benefit from therapy if they are lower functioning.

Often in psychology you will hear the terms Highly Functional or Lower Functional. What do they mean? No matter what the illness or disorder is, these terms apply to them all. A higher functioning person regardless of disorder is able to work full time, maintain more control, usually more intelligent but not always, generally just considered closer to normal and can blend in better with the general public. Lower Functioning people regardless of their disorder have much greater difficulties in every day normal activities, rarely can work and generally need more assistance, monitoring and therapy.

Also worth noting, a lot of that has to do with how many concurrent disorders they have. Yes a lot of people have more then one disorder. Anxiety is often accompanied with Depression and can also beconcurrent with most disorders. A person can have 2, 3 4, even more disorders. And still be either Highly Functional or Lower Functional.

So in my opinion I do believe people with SAD suffer more then people with GAD, but I also feel SAD is easier to treat and has a better prognoses then GAD.