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Monday, September 30, 2013

Why so many people self medicate!

Some people wonder why so many people self medicate. Wanna know why? Because we all hurt and doctors thanks to all the horror stories have become benzophobic or reluctant to prescribe any thing that actually works! So people are forced to look for relief in other directions. From hard liquor to street drugs, to even purchasing opiates and benzos online. Doctors think they are helping people but fail to realize if we can't get relief from our own doctor we will get relief from some other source. I've been taking benzos off and on for over 30 years. I never crave for them and I've never had withdrawal. Honeslty when ever I hear about these horror stories about people "hooked" on benzo's and going through painful withdrawal I laugh my fucking ass off. What they go thru is a inconvenience. They have no idea what withdrawal is.

Here's what happens. You have a severe back pain and go to the doctor. Instead of giving you some thing that will actually help you like Vicodin or Oxycon, they give you bullshit stuff like Tylenol with Codine lol. Give me a fucking break lol! We are the ones that pay the outrageous health insurance payments, and ridiculous co-payments and then have to pay for the crap they prescribe for us that won't work. This is why we self medicated! Or you go to the doctor complaining about your serious anxiety attacks and instead of giving you benzos that work like a charm, they have become benzophobic! All those ridiculous horror stories of people getting hooked on benzos and going thru extreme withdrawal. What a joke! So instead they give you this crap that does nothing like antidepressants which year after year tests after tests show they are the least effective only sightly better then the placebo! Or they give you buspar which turns you in to a fucking zombie! This is why we self medicate!

People have and will turn to what ever they can get to get relief. Doctors are the cause of this. So this is why we drink, get high, and resort to street drugs, because doctors won't help us.