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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Smokig Bupropion Any Good?

This blog is dedicated to both worlds of meds and abusing meds for the sole purpose of providing a totally unbiased account. We do not advocate abusing any drugs but we are not naive enough to think know one will and realize many will experiment and for them we try to provide the latest and unbiased reporting we can. We provide the pros and cons with out judgement,

Recap on how bupropion is usually ised for recreational purposes. By far the most popular is orally taking over the recommended dosage. What this produces in increase in interaction with other drugs and alcohol greatly intensifying the effect. The pros is you get wasted faster and more then usual. The cons, is it impairs your ability to drive, walk and talk.

I occasional get asked what other ways is buproion abused. Many junkies shoof burpopion and get a coke like rush. It's called a poor man's cocaine. The cons about this it's more haphazardness to the physical body because it contains a kind of wax ingredient that can not be cooked out. This substance produces very gross ugly open sores that never heal.

Finally bupropion can be cooked with some baking soda and smoked to get a really mild crack like effect. The cooking is more difficult and requires trial and error. It does get you higher then oral or snorting however if not cooked correctly is a total waste, unlike cooking coke you can't salvage the bupropion. Some people
cook it with just the right amount of baking soda, filter it thru a coffee filter and then crush it up again in to a fine powder to snort. This will sting the nose more then uncooked, but produces the max amount of rush and high similar to smoking. Bupropion is also used to cute cocaine too.

At this point we are not aware of any real health hazerdous involved in cooking or making or snorting cooked bupropion other then mixed with other narcotics and or alcohol greatly increases your altered state.
It's important to not there are a lot of factors to consider before attempting any thing like this. What meds are you already on? This drug taken as described can and will induce mania and or psychosis! I encourage further research before attempting to go in this direction!

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