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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Seroquel Personal Review

This is a update on Seroquel. I have read many horror stories and bad reviews on this anti-psychotic, mood stabilizer. And yes, there are also many great stories and reviews about it too! I am happy to report that so far I have nothing but good news about Seroquel. My doc suggested Seroquel instead of ambien for sleep. He said let's try this and see how you like it. He thought it would also be good for me for my bipolar.

Keeping a open mind I tried it. I was put on 50mg before bed time but that did nothing for me. So I decided to try 2 pills equaling 100mg. That worked pretty good. I also noticed an improvement in my moods too. I have not slept so good in many years, may be 10 years! I tried 3 pills equaling 150mg and it was even better. When my nonrefill script was all used up I called my doc and requested 200mg pills. He declined to move up so fast and gave me a script for 100mg instead.

I am not experiencing any of those bad side effects some people report. I have noticed I get hungry more often and dry mouth during sleep. I wake up totally refreshed with no hangover feeling. I have noticed that if I get up before 8 hours, I feel a little slower and foggy for about 20 minutes but then I'm fine.

Seroquel has gotten some really bad rep over the years. I don't doubt the horror stories but we all are different. I am glad I am one of the lucky ones that Seroquel works good on with no serious side effects. I can honestly say I love it and it beat ambien for sleep too!